New version of “Projects manager”  

08.01.2010 Projects manager 1.0.6 (License at 3 work places in local network is free). 

Program for accounting projects, tasks, cliens and actions of executors.
There is three basic lists in program: project list, client list and list of executors.
There is possibility adding subtasks for tasks (with numbers 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, etc. up to 10 level).
Additional lists: Actions, Additional conditions (links to other tasks). There is possibility to form project groups.

In the new version:

– Made the possibility of storing files on the project;

– Made the possibility of storing files of the client;

– Made the possibility of calculating the amount of the project;

– Improved database search;

– The mode 1280 * 1024;

For program updates you should download and install the distribution program version 1.0.6 and in menu “Tools-Load from backup / previous versions” load information from the previous version, specify the folder with the previous version.
During loading the previous version should not be running. Before upgrading, make a backup folder with the program.