Consulting Support

With programs you get: 
Consulting support for the product by Internet (E-mail: [email protected]). 
Software updates. 
Your feedback on the program to send [email protected]  and we will try to take them into account in the following versions of software products. 

You can subscribe to our mailing list  “Araxgroup business software” 

There is information about updates and new versions of programs on the site in mailing list.

Description of the installation of programs 

Possible problems when installing and running programs 

When work with program in local network: necessary to produce the installation of the program (the program on each workplace is fixed for automatic registration in system needed components, after installing folder with program possible to delete) on each computer, where program will be started. Program starting through label from server.
The Rights of the access to folder with program on server for all working with program must be full.
The Network folder better to connect through network disk.

Requirements: Windows 95/98 and above with Internet Explorer 5 and above