Internal mail 1.6.0

License at 10 users is free.

Internal mail

Installation file of Server part postsvreng.exe

Installation file of Client part postklneng.exe

Full Installation – ZIP archive

Version with departments 

Installation file of Server part server_d.exe

Installation file of Client part klient_d.exe

Full Installation – ZIP archive 

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Program is intended for exchange messages and files on local computer network.
You can attach 4 files of any format with message. There is possibility of the checking the reading the messages.
The program works with exchange folders, you can assign the right of the access with Windows Server.

The program consists of Server and Client part.

Server part you must setup on server, Client part – on computers of the users.

Requirements: Windows 95/98 and above with Internet Explorer 5 and above 

By default the Server part install in folder \Program Files\messvr160

By default the Client part install in folder \Program Files\mess160

For the program to work correctly (the alert on the presence of the user in the network) the system time on server and workstations must be synchronized.

Install Server part on Server.

File org.exe – Administrator Interface – Full access to all messages, sending messages, search, printing report, clearing of base, backup, program setup, license managment.

 Users and Exchange folders adds in menuitem “Users”.

Exchange folders must be already created with Windows and you must stand rights of access to them with safety policy of your organization.  

Install Client part on Workstations.

File tray.exe – User Interface – Access to own messages, sending messages, search, printing report.

First start you must to locate the Exchange folder. Exchange folder must be already created with Windows and you must open Full access for the User. 

Exchange folder on Server connect through network disk.

Also you can place label on file tray.exe, placed in folder with program (Client part), in AutoStart

Label on program will appear in Systray.

If new messages comes, icon in Systray begins to blink, press to icon once with left mouse button for opening window with new messages.

Press “Accept all” and “hide to Systray”.

If message with file, there is button in column “File”, you can press it and save files in selected directory. To message possible to attach 4 files.

Press “Send” to send the message any user of program. 

In journal each user sees only own messages. The Administrator sees all.

Administrator and Sender can see accepted/not accepted messages.

To exit program, press icon in Systray with right mouse button and confirm exit.