Employees of company 2.6.6

License at 3 work places in local network is free.

Employee program


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Program for the expanded account of characteristics of employees.
Employee profile with the expanded personal and professional account.
A printing of a profile, export in MS Word (OO Writer).
An opportunity of storage of images of all necessary documents.
An opportunity of dismissal.
Using templates of documents.
Export of list of employees in MS Excel (OO Calc). 

When work with program in local network: necessary to produce the installation of the program (the program on each workplace is fixed for automatic registration in system needed components, after installing folder with program possible to delete) on each computer, where program will be started. Program starting through Shortcut from server.
The Rights of the access to folder with program on server for all working with program must be full.
The Network folder better to connect through network disk.

Requirements: Windows 95/98 and above with Internet Explorer 5 and above  

How to install the program