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Date: 2009-05-21 09:47:41
Araxgroup software news

New versions  of programs on Araxgroup.com

07.12.2008 Clients 2.0.6 (License at 3 work places in local network is free)

Program for conducting client base of the company.

Profile of the client with the detailed information on the client, displaying all orders of the client and a condition of registration documents, a history of contacts.
Fast input of the order from the menu.
Search on client base, a conclusion to print of results of search.
Export of base of the goods in MS Excel.



05.12.2008 Visitors of the company 3.4 (Demo 100 visitors)

Program for the account of visitors coming in the company.

 It is filled by security guards on an entrance. It can insert up to 3 photos of pages of the Passport or Face for each visitor. Capture of images is made from a Web-camera or Scanner connected to a computer.



04.12.2008 Internal mail 1.6.0 (License at 5 users is free)

Program is intended for exchange messages and files on local computer network.
You can attach 4 files of any format with message. There is possibility of the checking the reading the messages.
The program works with exchange folders, you can assign the right of the access with Windows Server.



30.11.2008 Sellers and the goods 3.2 (Freeware )

Database on suppliers and the goods for departments of supply.



26.11.2008 Personal finance 3.0.7 (Freeware )

The program for the account of the personal finance.
Lists of incomes and losses.
Input of the income and the loss through a card.
Opportunity of binding to record of a photo of the document (the check, the receipt or other)
The report for the chosen period.


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